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Covid-19 Program

The spread of COVID-19 has had a ripple effect on women in Libya. The reality of the protracted conflict and the start of an unparalleled public health crisis has doubly affected women, who receive little support for their well-being and bear the most responsibility. With more women assuming the role of “head of the family” in the aftermath of the civil war, the refusal to acknowledge women’s dignity has dire consequences for women and their families.

In this context, NAMA implemented a project relying on the creation and dissemination of content throughout Libya focusing on basic and official public health information and psychosocial support for women as an actionable and scalable response to a rapidly unfolding crisis. Radio programming with female correspondents covering women’s stories coincided with audiovisual social media content aimed at educating citizens about public health. This project was implemented through our vast network of radio stations and reporters to educate and support women at the national level.

Partner radios provided coverage that was gender-responsive and influenced by the priorities of women and girls. Topics included the impact of the pandemic on domestic violence and women’s paid and unpaid work. This project also documented the critical role that women play at the community level as part of the humanitarian response.