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Women’s Fellowship

Strengthening the voices of women in media is an essential step towards peace. In Libya and Tunisia, a Fellowship Network of female journalists injects fresh ideas into issues of security, transformation and democracy.

Empirical data has shown that the inclusion of women in peace processes increases the likelihood of successful outcomes and agreement longevity. Building off of commitments enumerated in UNSC 1325, NAMA and MiCT, with support from UN Women, are collaborating to promote female participation on issues of security, peace, and conflict resolution. Through training, production assistance, and the institution of a formal network of female media makers, this project aims to de-gender security reporting and public debate. Peace is a public good, and women are ready for a seat at the table.

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I was glad to have participated in this program, which brought together people from diverse cultures with different perspectives, all driven by the same dream. I benefited a lot from the program and think that it will have a positive impact on my professional journey.
Najwa Elhammami,
Tunisian journalist