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Accessible knowledge on Libyan culture

NAMA is building a training program to support digitization history/culture in Libya, in partnership with Law and society studies centre in Benghazi university – partners of Leiden university in Netherlands.
The program that is funded by Wikimedia foundation, will support spreading knowledge about Libya, that keeps pace with the rapid changes have occurred in the last eleven years and guaranteeing free and equal access to information, after a 42 years of dectatorship governing, were all publications regarding the country’s history, culture, ethnic diversity and even its sociological and geopolitical nature have been carefully monitored.
By training editors, and trainers to train more editors, who will creat content for Arabic Wikipedia website, the program also seeking building a community of researchers and editors through partnerships to form a nucleus for the Wikipedia user group, which will also focus on digitizing information about Libya in order to fill the knowledge gab.
NAMA is still working on expanding the partners network, throgh cooperating with universities and specialized research centres, such as Tripoli university, Sirt university, and the culture house of Sabha.