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The NAMA media training model is the core of our work in the MENA region, combining training with research, production and networking in partnership with highly skilled journalists.   

A key element of the model is creating dynamic offline and online spaces for the ongoing exchange of best practices between journalists and expert trainers and among participating journalists. This approach allows us to develop a participatory method of journalistic and media training in which journalists and media professionals of differing levels participate in a lively, ongoing exchange.

Our trainers come from across the MENA region and are known for their expertise in independent journalism, media and digital transformation. With them on board, we support independent media outlets and media professionals in overcoming the challenges of digital transition, in which technical knowledge is crucial for harnessing the positive role of media.

The mobile journalism training that I attended as part of the NAMA program has made my work life easier. As a journalist and TV reporter, movement becomes easier and less dangerous when we use a mobile phone instead of a camera
Ghada Elsherif - Libyan Journalist