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Legal protection for journalists

The North Africa Media Academy (NAMA) has received a grant from the Global Media Defense Fund of the (UNESCO), in partnership with the German media organization MiCT and the Libyan Organization for Independent Media (LOFIM), for its proposal to implement a program to enhance Resilience of Journalists in Libya Through the Creation of Legal Protection Mechanisms, that provide means of continuity for those exposed to the risks arising from their work in reporting information from Libya.

The project aims to establish a direct communication channel between journalists and a group of lawyers to provide free advice and support so that it is a safe and effective means of communication, provides quick access to legal support, and raises awareness of legal protection mechanisms and the rights of journalists.

This channel is supposed to define its working mechanisms through discussions and meetings held within a workshop that includes lawyers and journalists to study the needs to be focused on and formulate recommendations for urgent legal amendments to improve the working environment of journalists inside Libya.

A number of video tutorials will be produced within the project that explain and clarify legal protection mechanisms in accordance with Libyan law and international conventions.

The project will also include the production of a number of investigations that deal with topics such as the misuse of legislation to harass journalists and their violation of the Constitutional Declaration and international covenants, and the means of legal support available to journalists locally and internationally, as well as shedding light on the suffering of workers in the media sector in general. These investigations will be published in the Libyan media.